Green Mountian Gemstones

Green Mountian Gemstones

Green Mountain Gemstones Inc (Green Mountain) is a nephrite jade mining and exploration company in British Columbia (BC). Green Mountain owns and operates four nephrite jade mines in BC, encompassing over 18,600 Hectares of mineral and placer claims. With an annual production of over 250 tonnes of jade per year, Green Mountain is one of the largest supplier and exporter of nephrite jade in the world.

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Property Name: Ogden Mountain Jade

Property Description: Jade has been mined from Ogden Mountain for over 30 years, with a total production to date estimated at over 5,000 tonnes.  The mountainous region of Omineca is beautiful and has multiple deposits of nephrite jade occurrences still untouched.  The mine is

Location of Property: 250 km north of Fort St. James

Mining Product/Service: Jade Mine

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