Helix Communications & Energy

Helix Communications & Energy


While it may be the most beautiful countryside in the world, British Columbia provides very unique challenges when it comes to communications. Helix Electronics can connect you to the rest of the world no matter where you are. Our experience with the logging and mining industries over the last few years has proven our capability to generate communication in the most remote areas of British Columbia. 




While many industries around the world have adopted electronic control and automation, the logging and mineral industries have lacked the support necessary to benefit from electronic integration. Helix Electronics has positioned itself in the center of the resource industries. This has allowed for increased knowledge of the many problems that can arise, as well as, direct feedback from users of our technologies. Helix offers custom designed control systems and circuit boards. 

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  • 3470 Hwy 16, Unit B
    British Columbia V0J 2N6
  • Phone: 250-847-5058
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